Davidsons Developments Ltd is seeking public views in respect of land north of Kirkby Road (Ashfield Farm), Desford, which it hopes to bring forward for residential development.

Davidsons Developments Ltd has a controlling interest in Land North of Kirkby Road (Ashfield Farm), Desford, as shown on the Site Location Plan extract below.

The site comprises approximately 5.35 hectares (13.2 acres) of land and is located to the south-west of the village, to the north-west of Kirkby Road and south-west of Cambridge Drive.


The land is currently utilised for agricultural purposes and known as ‘Ashfield Farm’. 

The site is located immediately adjacent to the existing built form of the village, with residential development having recently been completed to the north of the site, off Manor Way (B582).



Nationally we are facing a growing housing shortage as people are living longer and in smaller households.


There are not enough homes being built to meet the demand and as a result there is a need to boost the supply of homes.


Demand for housing in Leicestershire is high. Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council need to ensure that new homes are provided to meet the needs of existing and future residents.


The site at Ashfield Farm, Kirkby Road is able to deliver a range of new homes in an attractive, well designed setting, to help meet these needs.


It is well related to the existing settlement and is in easy reach of services and facilities in the village.


A number of technical studies have been commissioned to help us understand the site and its opportunities and constraints.

These include:

  • A transport assessment – this looks at the preferred site access and potential impact of the development on local roads and traffic;

  • A flood risk and drainage assessment. The Environment Agency flood maps show the site lies in Flood Zone 1 and is therefore at little or no risk of flooding;

  • An ecological appraisal and protected species surveys; 

  • A Heritage Assessment; and

  • A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment which considers the effects of the development proposals on the existing Landscape Character and on people in the wider landscape experiencing views towards the site.

Early work on the site led to the production of a draft Concept Masterplan illustrated below. 



The current proposal has evolved through preliminary work which we have undertaken to help us understand the site and the surrounding area.

The project team, which incorporates a variety of specialist consultants, has contributed into the formulation of the current indicative masterplan illustrated;

  • Around 120 new homes; 

  • A mix of sizes and types, including 40% affordable homes (around 48 homes);

  • Access from Kirkby Road, including a re-alignment of Kirkby Road within the site;

  • A play area and provision of landscaped public open space;

  • Provision of pedestrian link within public open space, connecting to the north and south;

  • A sustainable drainage system (SuDS) to manage surface water and ensure there is no increased risk of flooding, either on site or elsewhere.

An outline planning application will be submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council in Autumn 2019.

An extract of the latest Illustrative Site Layout Plan is shown to the right.

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